Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mount Olympus - Fall

Mount Olympus-Fall 8" x 10" oil by Greg Newbold
Here's a little commissioned piece that I finished recently. This shot of Mount Olympus actually is the view out my front door and I have had many opportunities over the years to capture some pretty dramatic lighting. You may remember a previous epic painting of this view in winter that I did a couple of years back called Autumn Dusting. Since this is a small painting at just 8" x 10", I used it as an opportunity to make a study for a larger painting. Of course I don't always polish my studies as much as I did this one. I like the dramatic sweep of the clouds and the shadows they cast across the peak as well as the bit of dappled light that makes the foothills come alive. This one will be fun to paint at the 30" x 40" scale that I have chosen. I'll post the large version once it is finished.

Also if interest is the fact that I had to ship this one to the recipient collector in Norway, so this is officially my first painting residing in an international collection. Fun stuff!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fiddler on the Roof Poster

Fiddler on the Roof- Digital Over Graphite, by Greg Newbold
For several years I have done at least one poster for Pioneer Theater Company. They are the regional professional theater here in Salt Lake City and always do a knock up job on their productions. I like to support the arts here in town and they are kind enough to supplement the budget by throwing in a few show tickets. This year I was offered  the chance to create a new poster for this season's production of Fiddler on the Roof. I enjoy a good challenge and the task at hand here was to create a piece of art that would be both iconic and recognizable but fresh at the same time.

As I scrolled through the dozens of Fiddler poster versions I found online, I realized that almost all of them depicted the "fiddler" sawing away while perched precariously on the roof. I find nothing inherently wrong with going with the status quo, but I wanted to do something that might separate this production from the countless other versions out there. I came up with three idea sketches that I proposed to the theater.

The first one was to be a close up of the protagonist Tevye that would focus simply on his face in a tight crop. I really liked this idea and was hoping this would be the favorite. I didn't find any other versions of Fiddler that employed this idea.

My second sketch was the typical fiddler shot but a little closer in than the long shot which allowed me to give the guy a lot of expression and character. This one was my second favorite and I felt like this would be another decent approach if it was chosen.

My third idea was the classic typical approach with the fiddler perched on a rooftop holding his violin. I played with the shapes of the figure in this one with the intent of taking a more graphic approach than normal to give it a different look than the rest of the posters I saw during my research.

I hopefully launched all the ideas off to the client and fully expected one of them to fly. I was a bit behind schedule already, so I needed to jump on the final rendering quickly. Well, two and a half of the ideas were shot down cold. It was felt that idea one would be too easily confused with Santa Claus. I disagree as the beard color in the final rendering would not have been white, but OK. One down, I still had two options left. Idea three died a fiery death because the  graphic approach was deemed to feel too much like a children's theater production than a full fledged professional theater offering. Understood. Now it was down to number two. In my zeal to do something new, I had forgotten that Tevye never actually plays the fiddle in the production, so it didn't make sense to portray what appeared to be the protagonist (Tevye) as the player. We agreed to adjust the idea and deep six the violin. I submitted a new drawing which was approved.

Final Approved Idea
Because of the different crops needed for the various advertising applications, I needed to add significant acreage to the sides and a bit to the top and bottom to give several cropping options. I rendered out the black and white drawing in full value and then started adding the color.

The final color version took about three days working time to complete and I am pretty happy with the result. I think it's a very classic looking approach to  a well known musical but at the same time, I think it is quite different than most of the posters I have seen. I feel like I got the balance right.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10th International Art Competition

Fear Not Little Flock- Oil on Canvas mounted on board
24" x 32" by Greg Newbold
I am pleased to announce that my painting "Fear Not Little Flock" has been accepted into the 10th International Art Competition and will be on exhibit at the Church History Museum from September 29, 2015 until August 15, 2016. No word yet on purchase awards or awards of merit yet, so fingers are still crossed. Anyone interested in purchasing the painting can contact me directly but you won't be able to take it home until next fall! The Church Museum is currently undergoing extensive renovations and this exhibit will be one of the featured shows to kick off the grand reopening. I am excited to be part of it.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recent Gallery Sales News

Siegfried Pyre- Grand Canyon, North Rim; 24" x 24" Oil on board by Greg Newbold
I found out yesterday that I have been having a really good week of sales at my newest gallery Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery. All six of the paintings in this post have sold. Evergreen is a full service gallery and frame shop that along with paintings represents artists who create an eclectic selection of art pieces and handcrafted gifts. I am pleased to join their talented group of artists. It doesn't hurt that they are the closest gallery to my neighborhood either, making them effectively my "local" gallery.

Falling Shadows-Pulpit & Altar, Zion; 8" x 10" oil on panel by Greg Newbold
Third Wheel; 9" x 12" oil on panel, by Greg Newbold
Six of my paintings have sold in the last little while and I could not be more pleased with the news.
Sometimes sales are slow and then inexplicably, a whole bundle of collectors appear. I'll take it!

Freshly Mowed; 8" x 10" oil on panel, by Greg Newbold
Provo Bay; 8" x 10" Oil on panel, by Greg Newbold

Virgin River Ripple; 8" x 8"; Oil on panel, by Greg Newbold

I am slated to be part of group show at the gallery there in September, but with these recent sales, I will need to restock them before that, so I am going to be a busy boy! Thanks Evergreen for the shot in the arm. Now back to work.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Barnes & Noble Table Topper

I had to keep this project for Barnes & Noble under my hat for a while but I just got the green light to show it. I got the cal a few weeks back to work on a table display poster for kids to showcase books that have been turned into movies.

Rough concept sketches- the center sketch won out
The poster will roll out nationwide and may already be sitting atop displays in your very own local B&N bookstore! I'm really excited to have had the opportunity to work on this one.

Detail of the adventurous kids
Always fun to do a fat little pencil
The client loved it so much, I am currently working on two other projects for them. I will show more of those projects when they are final, but suffice it to say, I am pleased that my work seems to be a good fit for Barnes & Noble and hope to continue working with them for a long time to come!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Delivering the Truth

Delivering the Truth- Digital over graphite by Greg Newbold
Here is another book cover I just finished. The book is a mystery novel called Delivering the Truth and deals with a Quaker midwife in 1888 Massachusetts. She doles out advice, delivers babies and even solves mysteries in her spare time. I wanted to do something that gave the flavor of the era as well as a sense of mystery.

The client proposed an arrangement similar to this
The client proposed a shot of the character from behind that focused on the apron strings. I secured a great costume through my connections at the regional theater here in town, Pioneer Theater and had a great photo shoot that gave me multiple options. I created three possibilities of which I liked one the best.

I felt that a cropped shot of the figure holding the doctor bag was strongest and would be more to the point. By zooming in closer on the hands, and not showing the face, that cover option would add a sense of mystery as well.  Thankfully the art director and designer agreed and I got the go ahead. I was asked to add the town and landscape behind the figure in the distance which I had left out of the sketch.

I was not sure that my favorite option would be chosen, but it was simple to drop a few buildings in behind the figure. The monochromatic color scheme allows for the hands to be the true focus of the piece as well. I enjoyed painting them and tried to say a lot with the gesture of the hands. I think it gives a sense of confidence, gentleness and a bit of apprehension all at the same time. Perfect for the tone of the book. Thanks to Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers for the chance to work on this project..

Thursday, April 23, 2015

High & Dry- 300 Plates 2nd Piece

High & Dry- 10" x 11"- Oil by Greg Newbold
Here is my second piece for this year's 300 Plates Show at Art Access Gallery. I described a bit about this show/fundraiser a bit ago when I posted November Pastures here. The show is coming up on Thursday night, May 14, 2015 and tickets are limited. Get tickets early to have a chance at tons of great work at reasonable rates and benefit a great cause at the same time. Click through to the 300 Plates show site here  and I hope I will run into a few of you at the show.